I decided I needed a Clapotis, you can see WHY by viewing the ORIGINAL HK article at
The designer is Kate Gilbert, who owns all copyright to the text and pictures.
Katie's website is, and there are lots of other cool HK patterns there!
This pattern may only be knit for personal purposes, not for sale or profit.
I did get permission to translate the pattern.

THIS IS A Work In Progress (WIP), as such, take care when using and think ahead for yourself,
I'm learning alot and so will you.

Charts and things...

  • Stitch Chart, still a WIP. MK Clapotis chart Version 1
    The T is the twisted stitch. Note Row and Stitch numbering. I consider running the carriage to the right to be "purl" and to the left, "knit" for this pattern. After running the carriage to the L, I then
    • pull all needles that need to be twisted to HP and push them to FWP once twisted. I leave my bodkin on the next needle to be twisted when I have to walk away from the machine. There's a visible pattern to it after awhile. I also homed in on a needle position to start putting the needles in HP, i happened to pick L25. So, every time i need to put ndls out in HP, I start with L26 and L24, Hence:
      ... H - H - - - H - H - - - H - H - - - H - H - - - H - H ...
    • drop and relatch the rightmost stitch for the "Purl"
    • increase on the left with the topmost purl bump, and pull that ndl into HP
  • Row listing to keep track of when to get fancy coming soon

Materials and Tools

  • Yarn - Red Heart Super Saver Gemstone or Worsted Weight of your choice
  • Transfer Tool, 1 prong
  • Double Eye needle, aka bodkin
  • Lots of weights, buy 'em or make 'em.
  • Garter Bar or Waste Yarn to move fabric
  • 107 needles
  • Credit Card Latch Opener (optional)
  • Patience and Time


Section 1

E-Wrap cast on from right to left < , 2 STS. Needles L1 and R1. COL.
Row Counter 000 (see chart to proceed by picture (pdf)
  1. K 1 row, increase 1 ST on carriage side by lifting purl bump to the left ndl.
    3 STS, COR
  2. Pull ndl next to carriage to HP, move R1 to R2, leaving R1 in FWP. Knit 5 STS. ---
  3. K 1 row, COL, increase on L and pull needle to HP. 6 STS
  4. K one row to left,... more to come.

Section 2

Section 3

107 STS

  • Row 1 and subsequent Odd numbered rows
  • Row 2
  • Row 4
  • Row 6
  • Row 8
  • Row 10
  • Row 12

Section 4


Abbreviation Explanation
COL Carriage on Left
COR Carriage on Right
E-Wrap Cast on  
HP Holding Position
FWP Forward Working Position, Latches Open
K Knit
KBL : HK I translate this as a Purl Bump Increase
ndl needle
P : HK Since Bonds do stockinette, I choose to translate alternate rows as Purl. If on a "K" row, P is called for, I drop and relatch the stitch.
RC Row Counter
SL : HK I translate to leaving NDL in HP
ST Stitch
WIP Work In Progress


  • WHEN you drop stitches BY MISTAKE, make sure that you take into account any that may have dropped that are twisted stitches when latching back up.
  • After twisting stitches, or during, push all ndls (except leftmost NDL which is in HP for the slip) to FWP to Avoid dropping stitches.



  • Jill, our female blue heeler passed after an illness, 9/24/06, so I'll be naming this one Jill, even though it should be black, gray and white.
  • 9/20 update: I am working the 3rd? repeat of the straight section, it keeps getting easier, but my dog is very sick, so I've been doing laundry and pet sitting. Almost ready to move the fabric with my 113 needle garter bar. (available for sale soon, IF it works).
  • I've dropped three stitches as of 9/12, whoohooo!
  • As of 8/28/06 I am almost done with Section 2 of the HK instructions. I will be including charts to ease your MK way. And some photos. I don't write patterns for a living, so if you have comments to improve my instructions, please let me know, terrydATwoodsnwindDOTcom. I also don't HK much, so my translation is pretty much my own perception of the MK craft. Many thanks to Ann on the forum for her "getting me started" help in my attempt to recreate this work of art.
  • My self taught method of conversion from HK to MK is a bit controversial***, just so you know.



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